Spencer Kelly
Text and typing:
People love typing
it's a suspicious thing.
building nlp-compromise
and not knowing how.
VS Code
the editor we deserve.
My family tree
and if they'd like me
pretending to know my ancestors
and fully stereotyping them.
Calendar design
taking a crack at it
my ideal computer:
software is 3d
we just forgot
software development:
should we stop?
maybe we should.
Things I like:
Software I love
and use every day
My favourite blogs
a blog is a treasure
things I want to buy
that don't exist
New music videos
they're a thing again
just starting out
being amateur.
Spencer seems confused:
Space is close
you could maybe bike there
Standing on a planet
the ground as a ball
how to cook
and die just once
air quality
is not a well-understood thing.
the internet:
a relationship tube
the new internet.
the history of freebase
a very expensive csv file.
writing a blog
by/for yourself
Ontario, Canada:
Notes on Toronto
the world's least-understood city.
Ontario water
where does it all go.