I did my geneology. It took a long time.
it was hard, and i learned very little.
I'm close with my parents
i was lucky enough to meet 3 of my grandparents,
I got to know one grandmother well.
I've asked aimless questions.
I've looked at census data, and birth certificates.
but the truth is that i don't know anything about these people.
the top of my mind is whether they'd like me.
for some reason, i strongly doubt they would.
Interesting thing #1:
nearly everybody is from rural ontario.
this is surprising for a number of reasons
going back just 5 generations, the population of Canada was infinitesimal:
and also, a cumulative ~20% immigration-rate constitutes the majority of Canada's population growth.
I don't quite know the odds of this.
- of an ancestor being in Canada at confederation - 50%?
... and having ~30 of 32 ancestors so?
i think it's rare.
- when it comes to their parents though, only 20% were born in canada.
(my 6th generation is 80% european)
This leads to,
Interesting thing #2:
okay, not really -
but really a nuanced, cultured, sophisticated form of it.
caused by math
that i can explain.
my grandparents probably never met their grandparents, but if they did, they may observe them to be cousins.
my grandfather could've asked my grandma:
"what was your paternal grandmother's maiden name?"
then remarked:
"that's the same as my maternal grandmother's maiden name"
i doubt this conversation ever happened.
instead of having 64 people in my 6th-generation, i have 62.
just listen to this nice man explain it for me okay whew.
Interesting thing #3:
everybody was a farmer
i suppose this makes sense.
it just never occurred to me.
Interesting thing #4:
not much war.
one grandfather fought, and survived WW2.
nobody else has been a solider, that i have found yet.
i suppose that's good.
i had 3 great-grandfathers aged-appropriately for WW1.
but I learned 30% of adult canadian men enlisted in WW1 - and 0.5% in the Boer War.
this surprised me.
i presume I'll find some participants of the 1812 or napoleonic wars.
cause those were super.
but some strife.
some people died very early.
Ethel and Oran both died 2 months apart, at age 30.
Her cause of death is listed as Influenza,
but Oran's death was Tuberculosis, two months later.
Perhaps there was a co-infection, or misdiagnosis.
Their youngest (my grandmother) was 3 years old.
Hannah immigrated from Ireland, with her parents and husband at age 20.
they had a farm north of Kingston. She died at age 36. No birth certificate.