It occurred to me, when I was bogged-down in some serious framework-hate, something important - that I wish i had learned-sooner - this mighty solution to fix software development, - which i always felt was near - was not going to happen. You have to write your own tools, or use bad ones. to that effect, here are some people who routinely re-invent their own wheels...

frank chimero

Frank Chimero is a web-designer, and designer in Brooklyn. He's makes these weird collages, that seem at-odds with almost all of web-design today. he's also written some of the best software blog posts in recent memory, and seems to just be a good-communicator, and chill person. He also wrote an art-school type book that I want to read. I've never met him.

Tero Parviainen

Tero's a developer that made an impossibly good presentation about generative music, for a conference in 2017. Sometimes when something is so good, it is humiliating to everyone else, and he's doing that. I prefer his twitter to my university degree, and the books I mean to read. Here's his diatomic-mode composition app, and a music-is-math version of Laurie Spiegel's magic mouse idea. He's getting really deep into generative deep learning. He lives in Finland. Make the time to go through his music presentation, if you can. dude's a star.

Matt DesLauriers

Matt is a graphics guy that cut his teeth in the ad-agencies of Toronto, but soon became the only prolific webGL person in town. ...then everyone realised he's the only prolific webGl person anywhere. He works at a very-high speed. I learned a ton clicking-around his 30-days 30-apps repo. he did the humungous stage at JSConfEU last year. I also think he started the pen-plotter thing. He moved to London, and is getting into teaching/workshopping/blogging. I loved, and laughed-through his drawing lines is hard post last year. He writes complex software, without getting lost in optimization and pedantics. He makes me think I could become a webGL person sometimes. (I can't).

William Ngan

Will Ngan is a designer and developer on the west-coast. He worked at Microsoft, then google, and now facebook. Somewhere in between he shipped this nuts visualization framework. It's so good, and well-described, that it feels like a novel. He's into really-deep drawing-theory, and has a fresh take on making things for the web. Remember when people released code on sourceforge? then told you to RTFM? the quality of javascript tooling is outstanding, and Will is a full-genius. I would love to hear him complain about web-development.