it's lonesome, and hard.
it began with a fear that I've started retreating into myself, - by not saying anything. the internet is such a shit-place. twitter is not good. the worst part, actually is wikipedia. the 2nd part is how web development seems to get harder and more pedantic every year.
making a blog has never been so pointless. being yourself, being a modest person - and doing it on the internet - --- that's never been so hard ---
okay actually, svg is the hardest part.
how to make a blog:
1. no comments/clapping
2. roll your own CSS classes
like tachyons, but for yourself
   everyone should do this!
but do a better job than i did
3. don't use markdown
rediscover <pre> and styling
flat-text is a type-writer-era anachronism.
    *bold* is not enough in 2018.
4. no server, no database
pre-compiling javascript, css, and html is so easy now,
in milliseconds, just make flat html files.
nothing should call-home from the user computer.
use a json file for the metadata.
5. nobody is listening.
when you're audience-building, you're doing it wrong.
the best blogs - erowid, looperOS, aaronsw -
   are always selfless monologues.
they don't publish RSS - they're writing for themselves.
―――――― i took this writing class in university, where an author came to talk to the class. someone asked him why he has to publish his writing, instead of just writing for himself. he was gross, and he said that writing for yourself is like masturbating and publishing is like having sex. and this has stuck with me for about 10 years. ――――――― to each his own, i guess.