People like a movie, and have a strong emotion in it, then say:
'wow jodie foster was great in that'
- when really, a good movie with a bad soundtrack is just a bad movie.
I think film scoring is the most under-appreciated art.
Film is just music and colors.
For this reason, I'm so, so glad that music videos are making a comeback.

this time on youtube, with less rock+roll.

Here are some music videos that I think are really cool:

fergie - enchanté

I am just floored by this music video.
i heard once about a cell-phone manufacturer who compiled a list of specs for a new flip-phone.
One of the specs was that it should run a Java Virtual Machine.
An engineering team was created to get this to run on the phone's processor, which required new CPU instructions at manufacturing. This involved all-nighters at the manufacturing plant, to incorporate the change.
Later it was discovered that the phone had to run the JVM because it had to play tetris, and the tetris program was written in Java.
That's how I feel about this music video. The work required to edit this video, compared to writing the song itself, or filming the shot itself, is so humungous, it's sad. I can't describe how good I think this video is:
i mean, look how fun this is, visually
I'd watch that all night.
Part of it is the gif-meme feel, but with a tape-loop idea, and then the frame does this patterned lense-jumping.
I'm not sure how it was created. I think it's amazing. i mean, look at this scene change:

Childish Gambino - Sweatpants

Donald glover got a lot of attention for This is America, which was amazing,
but this one is incredible too.
Think about how well you know him, after only a few seconds.
Compare that to how well you know something, after visiting a webpage.

Solange - don't touch my hair

if this doesn't belong in a museum, I don't know what does:
Think about how every website you visit contains 5-thousand hand-written sections, optimized to all-heck, and we haven't figured-out how to draw a scene as novel, and personable as this:
Just a dive in a pool, a zoom out, and a simple gesture.
The internet has no sense of timing, or understanding of visual interest.
We don't even play this game, where we reveal something simple, and do it slowly.
The web is really a vacuum of visual creativity.

Some others

J. Cole - Middle Child -
A$AP Rocky, X Tyler the Creator - Potato Salad
Drake - sicko mode - this is just a cool shot