a two-screen laptop model - touchscreen keyboard, touchscreen top. Raises eyebrows, divides twitter.
github - MS merges Atom/VSCode into a third everything-editor platform. - integrations with Azure hipster-branded cloud-function service are useful. ..but github feels less-cool. There's new social pressure to internationalize software documentation, which adds new stress to maintainers.
oculus quest - sells-out in minutes. FB rallies • google teases fuscia people flip-out. It looks really hot, and novel. Apple drops almost 10% on the day. Google also has a significant round of layoffs, it's first-ever.
playstation 5 - launches and people don't really buy it.
Facebook video - launches and feels corporate & gross.
no impeachment the idea runs out of steam, and seems childish by the spring. The economy is the obvious priority, and source of frustration. The meuller-hype gets laughed-at on late-night shows.
housing prices drop steadily - and won't ever rebound again.
Every democrat supports legalization - it's a strong plank of the Democratic party, ahead of the feb'20 primary.
Hurricane season - 3 major hurricanes hit Texas/Flordia, again. Another wildfire season in California. People blame trump.
L.A. gives money to Musk - for his heavily-lampooned car-tunnels. It's a clear mistake, from the onset.
Maple Leafs make conference finals - people say good job.
Raptors make semi-finals - people are really happy and say good job.
October Federal Election - TV debates are unusually good and highly-watchable. Liberal Minority. Jagmeet Singh gets crushed and promptly resigns.
Trudeau's stimulus package - green energy seems to be 90% of this astronomical spending plan.   liberals don't know whether to clap, or boo.
Quebec Nordiques - get the nod, after the season.
Montreal Expos - the laughable idea picks-up more steam in booming Montreal.   Trudeau pledges money for it, (in election year) and so does Legault.
Mexico sets a date - for federal free-market cannabis legalization, 2020.
Australia sets a date - it looks pretty heavily controlled, but big.
Ontario retail line-ups - some breathless over-reporting, but good money made by all LPs. (finally.) - a good variety, but low-availability of stores, before the summer. - People drive in from the suburbs.
SLS - Nasa tests it's largest rocket ever built, which flies successfully   Both commercial-crew missions succeed in a boring way.
Falcon Heavy - 3 glorious, and photogenic flights
the Moon - China's sample return is exciting, India's rover is a success more aggressive timelines are set by Nasa, SpaceX, and blue-origin. ...the moon may be the best part of 2019.
Greyhound (March) - Tom Hanks does WW2. It's dark and obviously good.
Ad Astra (May) - Brad Pitt makes a gritty, real, near-future space movie and it's good.
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (July) - Tarantino makes a winner, for his purported last-ever movie.
should've seen it coming:
Kanye/Kim Kardashian breakup we groan, but we also all talk about it a lot.
Apple Netflix competitor - not just cheaper, but higher-class, director-curated. youtube subscription prices drop to $4.50/month (from $9)
Transportation tax proposal - from left-wing countries, to fight global warming.
Software startup downturn - Far-less easy money for software-only companies during recession. Uber IPO falls-flat and many investors lose money. Millenials realize they don't know anything else.
Young people leaving cities - repairing old houses is steampunk. Live-in communities are cool. Journalists try to capture it, but are too-cheeky.
a subscription-journalism attempt - launches and feels desperate, and surives to next year. it has some clout, but no market-fit.
didn't see it coming:
SpaceX's been delivering weapons - didn't say so. Gets bad press. Elon plays jazz-hands. Some investors pull-out funding. Most don't.
Putin is sick - has been battling a health condition, may require surgery.