# Canada 

Kathleen Wynne's narrow re-election
, after
Patrick Brown falls into the war-of-the-sexes
, in the Ontario Election. It's all
gross, and un-watchable
. Valerie Laplante begins construction on the pink line in Montreal. Everyone is like, damn.
Weed-day is a huge success in Canada
, in late-August. Legalization
feels like an apple-event
, with adorable coverage from all over the world. People eat it up, Americans want Canadian pot. Theresa May promises the left a study in Britain and is already behind
. Joe Cressy and Jennifer Keesmaat split-the-left in Toronto, where Doug Ford
wins an election handedly
De-amalgamation talk
, but Ford winds-up a strategic, and
mayor.  Trudeau
saves NAFTA
in the eleventh hour, but gets chastised for it, from all directions; realizes nobody wanted it.

# America

Anti-trust actions
begin against Amazon
. The left, the valley, and the media, all point out hypocrisy, and side with Amazon. The court battle stretches well-into 2019. The stock recovers as the story gets dull. President Trump has
physical altercation
with reporter - the media goes crazy, democrats flip-out. Nothing happens. Being angry though, shows weakness for republicans. Still
no Model 3 by October
 - Tesla in a squeeze, twitter resentment, and no federal-support. Deathwatch-types are loud. Talk of an Apple offer, but shipments start in the winter. A
solar-powered car-roof
, which is expensive, starts to get good press. the New York Times overthrows USA Today as America's top source, starts
video subscription service
. The Spielberg, and the Neil Armstrong movie are
watchable and predictable

# What ships

Firefox Quantum beats benchmarks
Oculus Go - FB's gains +25% over-year
Mike Bostock's clever engine
okCupid video.
Tokyo Smoke

# What doesn't


# Millennials are…

moving to the countryside in groups.
paying good money for youtube.
quitting porn
trying acid

# Everyone loves

The 'Crazy Rich Asians' movie
starlet Alessia Cara
High Maintenance - season 2
2019 Accuracy Legend: